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Assistant Housekeeper

APPLY NOW (You will be directed to email your CV to our Seabourn Recruiters.)

The Assistant Housekeeper assists the Executive Housekeeper to service all suites, adjoining areas, public rooms and crew areas as allocated. A high standard must be maintained at all times with regards to cleanliness, tidiness, co-operation and guest liaison within the hotel department.

Assistant Housekeeper is responsible for:

  • Performance of regular and irregular inspections of your workplace.
  • Supervision of Housekeeping staff.
  • The development of housekeeping training sessions.
  • The upkeep of all training forms used.
  • Training the new hires according to the Housekeeping Manual.
  • Upholding all policies including company SOP’s.
  • Ensuring that all guest suites are cleaned and set up to company standard.
  • Ensuring Public Health standards in Housekeeping pantries.
  • Re-filling supplies, to ensure that Housekeeping lockers are fully stocked and tidy, at all times.
  • Replenishing and maintaining the flower program onboard.
  • Compiling all necessary name lists, special requests and rota’s prior to embarkation.