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The Bartender's overall job is to be responsible for beverage service and sales in the public bars and lounges. They are also responsible for the immediate supervision of the Bar Waiters and other personnel assigned to the outlet or workstation

The Bartender is also responsible for:

  • Promoting and maximizing beverage sales in the assigned bar(s) or workstation.
  • Following and ensuring that the company beverage standards of service are being adhered to and practised by all those working in the assigned outlet.
  • Following the standard drink recipes when preparing and mixing beverages by using jiggers.
  • Ensuring that all beverage stocks in the bars and in the lockers or pantries are used, stored and accounted for following company policies and guidelines.
  • Following the key control standard operating procedure and ensure that the bar is locked and secured during non-operating hours.
  • Ensuring that all complementary products being offered to our guests are handled and controlled according to company policies and are treated as company property.
  • Striving to meet the target cost and sales for the assigned bar(s) or workstation as determined by the company budgets.
  • Responsible for the proper accounting and recording of all beverage sales while ensuring that the pouring measures (jiggers) are followed according to Standard Operation Procedure.
  • Correct and proper handling of all checks and sales transactions generated in the assigned bar or workstation.
  • Responsible for helping to achieve the yearly goal for the bar scores in the guest comment card.
  • Ensures that all drinks are prepared according to the ship specifications and are served with the proper garnishes and in the correct glassware.
  • Ensures that the bar or assigned workstation is stocked and prepared to meet the daily business demands.
  • Requisitioning, following company procedures, all beverages, food items and supplies needed for the daily operation.
  • Stock takes in the assigned bar or workstation and for the results achieved on overages and shortages according to company standard procedures.
  • Performance in a timely fashion all the reports needed by the Provision Master and Public Room Manager.
  • Ensuring that all products are kept at the appropriate serving and storing temperatures.
  • Ensuring that the hours of operation for the outlet are respected and followed.
  • Ensuring that only authorized products are served at company hosted parties.
  • Ensuring that all food service being provided in the bar (i.e. Canapés) is done according to company standards and during the times determined by onboard management.
  • Ensuring that the beverage promotions, as determined by the company or by on board management, are followed and in place in the assigned bar or workstation.
  • Communicating any problems, challenges, complaints or service difficulties, in a timely manner to the Public Room Manager/Maitre’d
  • Assisting the Public room manager with training.
  • Assisting whenever needed or required with beverage and wine service in the dining room/veranda.
  • The proper use and maintenance of all equipment and for the cleanliness of the assigned bar and/or workstation.

Bartender will also ensure all Hotel Operations functions are carried out in compliance with the line’s Environmental Compliance Plan (ECP) and be required for the daily U.S.P.H. and U.K.P.H. upkeep for the Restaurants/Bars and Public Lounges in accordance with the high standards of cleanliness maintained throughout the vessel. The cleaning required would be from a general scale of dusting, brass, carpet spot cleaning, removal of daily rubbish, cleaning of walls ceilings and floors to in-depth cleaning required in accordance with the ships V.S.P. (Vessel Sanitation Program). They will also have to ensure that company policy, in regards to drinking age, is followed and that the service of alcoholic beverages to obviously intoxicated guests is stopped in a tactful and appropriate manner. They must follow company guidelines regarding uniforms and personal hygiene.