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Crew Purser

APPLY NOW (You will be directed to email your CV to our Seabourn Recruiters.)

Crew Purser efficiently manages, all crew related matters aboard the ship and to carry them out in a manner consistent with Seabourn Cruise Line’s high standard of passenger service.

Crew Purser is responsible for:

  • Keeping an accurate payroll.
  • Onboard crew accounts.
  • Crew Safety Box deposits and Crew Welfare accounts and administration.
  • Efficient communication with HOD and Home office to ensure up to date vacation plans and compliance with SOP 3# 114-115 Vacation Planning & 3# 136-137 Vacation Plan Changes.
  • Crew Cabin assignment.
  • Assisting Chief Purser with Immigration and Custom clearance.
  • Liaising with agents and HODs for crew travel arrangements.
  • Crew medical disembarks in cooperation with the Medical team.
  • Crew Purser’s cash float.
  • Administration of ILO sheets.
  • Maintenance of Crew manifests for on board safety regulations and international requirements.
  • Holding confidential information.
  • Accurate and complete administration of crew files including certification, travel documents, personal details, etc…
  • Proper signing on and off process for all crew members.
  • Maintenance and upkeep of the itinerary, job table and other static data in C-Pay.
  • Financial reporting to Seabourn and manning agencies.
  • To constantly operate in accordance with ISM safety regulations and in the interests of the owner.
  • To maintain a high standard of personal grooming and an accurate and up to date manual for completion of responsibilities as laid down in job description.
  • Communicate all change in manning to the home offices.
  • Administer all crew sign on and off documentation.
  • Ensure vessel distribution of particular crew manifest information.
  • Ensure crew passport & visa validity and Seaman’s Books are maintained.
  • Update MAPS data base with all crew member’s certification and details.
  • Update Crew manifests and systems for on board safety regulations and international requirements.

The Chief Purser must also be familiar with the legal aspects of Crew employment, Health and Safety at Work, the company’s S.M.S. and Environmental Policies and all other company directives governing the administration of Crew and Port Operations. They must also be familiar with the ship’s safety and security procedures relating to the hotel department in respect of any eventuality.