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Executive Chef

APPLY NOW (You will be directed to email your CV to our Seabourn Recruiters.)

Executive Chef manages all shipboard food preparation to ensure that the line’s high culinary standard of cuisine is maintained within the budgetary limitation established as company policy. Executive Chef must strive to meet food cost targets and savings for the entire operation as determined by the company’s budget. He/she would be responsible for maintaining the company standards for food service and for achieving the yearly goal for the galley scores in the guest comment cards and maintaining a high and visible profile on the day to day operations by being on the floor during peak service hours and checking every outlet at least once every day. They will oversee that all standard operating procedures are in place, adhered to and being followed throughout the ship and ensure that new standard operating procedures are implemented and followed as per company instructions. They will ensure that that all pertinent Environmental Compliance Plan (ECP), Safety Management System (SMS) and Public Health (US/UKPH) standards are being upheld as well as develop and implements cleaning schedules for all galley outlets. Executive Chef is responsible for the training and education of all those involved in food service on board and for maintaining “Art Culinaire” and “Guest Chef” program which is determined by the company. They will supervise crew menu cycle to make sure that sufficient and well balanced food is prepared and be actively involved in yield and portion control in conjunction with Controller. They must ensure that all food orders are placed in accordance with Provision Master and Hotel Manger. Consumption history and storing schedules brought into consideration.

They are also responsible for:

  • Organising comment card meetings with CDC’s for all cooks, this should be held no later than the third day of the following cruise.
  • Contacting guests personally if food complaints or dietary special orders need be discussed. Share response and comments with onboard management.
  • Proper use and maintenance of all galley equipment. To make sure that all repairs are reported immediately in an AVO system.
  • Ensuring that grocery breakage is kept to a minimum in galley and scullery.
  • Ensuring that uniform and personal hygiene policies are followed according company guidelines.
  • Maintaining and oversees the vacation schedule for the department, in close consultation with Hotel Manager.
  • Keeping overtime track of all entitled personnel in his responsible area.
  • Assisting in setting up the cruise layout with Hotel Manager which includes theme events, speciality meals, buffets, etc.
  • Ensuring that wait staff understands all dishes prepared in the galley and daily lunch and dinner menu briefings maintained by CDC or RM/ARM.
  • Ensuring that the company’s food program and basic menu cycles are in place and followed according operating procedures and policies.
  • Company’s basic menu cycle requires changes to make sure that, all substituted food items are replaced with seasonal, healthy and well-balanced food items.
  • Ensuring that all menus are sent to the Hotel Manager on a daily basis for proof reading before printing.
  • Establishing proper communication with the Provision Master, Hotel Manager to assure that all items on the menu are available.
  • Maintaining physical spot checks in all fridges and freezers in Provision once every three days.