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Personnel and Training Manager

APPLY NOW (You will be directed to email your CV to our Seabourn Recruiters.)

The Personnel and Training Manager is responsible for facilitating and coordinating the Seabourn Academy program and act as shipboard Human Resources Representative.

They are also responsible for:

  • Teaching and maintaining Seabourn Cruise Line 12 points of Hospitality Directories.
  • Conducting Seabourn Academy programs as per company standard operating procedures for the day to day operation such as: scheduling, coordinating and other operational matters.
  • Data recording, constantly maintaining a current data base on all training programs.
  • Issuing of all certificates for relevant training rounds within the Seabourn Fleet.
  • Creating course material and relevant documents such as power point programs, handouts, and manuals.
  • Evaluating the effectiveness of the training course and make suggestions for improvement.
  • Allocating sufficient time for HOD’s, supervisors and crew for private consultation hours.
  • Taking responsibility that sufficient IT equipment is on hands and coordinates upgrade as necessary.
  • Keeping a close communication with fleet personnel and the onboard management on new recruit’s level of knowledge and performance.
  • Joining fleet personnel at least on 1 recruitment trip per year.
  • Providing a full trip report after each training visit from all vessels.
  • Familiarising themselves the content of the SMS 2008