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Restaurant Waiter

APPLY NOW (You will be directed to email your CV to our Seabourn Recruiters.)

The restaurant waiter is responsible for all food and service related issues in his/her assigned station of responsibility and guest satisfaction. All Hotel Operation functions are to be carried out in compliance with the line’s Environmental Compliance Plan (ECP).

Restaurant Waiter is also responsible for:

  • Reporting directly to his/her section Assistant Restaurant Manager/Manageress or Supervisor, as directed by the Restaurant Manager/Manageress.
  • Learning the standards by meeting the relevant restaurant company standard procedures.
  • Learning the regulations and procedures of’ the United States Public Health/United Kingdom Public Health and adhere to these standards, at all times.
  • Having a thorough knowledge of ships daily activities.
  • Helping to achieve the yearly goal for the bar scores in the guest comment cards.
  • Learning names of the guests in, his/her section (tables).
  • The cleanliness and the upkeep of his/her own Misc En Place.
  • Being aware of any special requests and dietary requirements that his/her passengers may require.
  • Serving his/her passengers to the highest standards set by the company.
  • Performing various duties to include embarkation duties, afternoon teas, and Captains cocktail parties buffet breakfast/lunch service duties, in addition to the normal restaurant duties.
  • Attending various training session with the aim to further improve his/her level of performance.
  • Attending daily menu briefings in regards of our daily menus
  • Learning and implement standards of the ship by meeting the relative standards of the restaurant he/she will be assigned to.
  • Striving to a minimize breakage and wastage and follows proper procedures when disposing of garbage.
  • Helping to set up special events and functions as instructed by the ships management.
  • Communicating any problems, challenges, complaints or service difficulties in a timely manner to the immediate supervisor.
  • Assisting with Lido duties on a regular basis.
  • Following company guidelines regarding uniforms and personal hygiene.
  • Being able to identify special meal request of specific guests.
  • The proper storage/use and maintenance of glassware and china.
  • Assisting in additional duties as requested by the ships management.

Restaurant Waiter/Waitresses must also be flexible with working hours and cleaning duties and any other duties as requested by the Assistant Maitre d’hôtel. They will also need to know table silver service in the restaurants to adhere.