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Join us on board for the career journey of your life.

Applying for a job working on our cruise ships couldn't be easier. Choose the ship role you're interested in and click apply to email, in English, your CV/Resume - remember to state which role you are applying for.

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How do I apply?

To apply for your chosen role please click on the ‘APPLY NOW’ link on the relevant position. Alternately you can send your CV, in English to careers@seabourn.co.uk

How old do I need to be to apply?

We will accept applications from 20 years of age and older

Do I need to have previous experience of working at sea?

For some positions, including Deck, Technical and Hotel Management previous sea experience is often required. For our entrance level positions in the hotel department previous sea experience is not required.

Why do I have to apply in English?

Due to international statutory maritime law, for safety reasons the common language spoken by all who work on board our vessels is English. To comply with our safety requirements, everyone who works on our ships must speak English fluently.

Where will I be interviewed?

Our recruitment team from Viking Recruitment will undertake face to face interviews at various locations across the world, and we would invite you to suitable location as close as possible to where you currently live. Alternatively, we would undertake an interview via Skype. 

How long will my interview be?

Where possible, we ask everyone to come to a presentation and interview day, which usually starts at 9.30am. Alternatively we would make arrangements for a set date and time to undertake the Skype interview. After a presentation explaining the company, our general terms of employment and what to expect as an employee, we then conduct personal interviews on a one-to-one basis, We recommend you set aside a full day to attend the interview day.

Do we cover costs for interview expenses?

No, unfortunately we do not. However, our recruiters travel to a wide variety of global locations in order to hold interviews as close as possible to our candidates.

What happens after the interview?

Shortly after your interview, you will be advised if you have been successful or not. If you are successful we will send you instructions to start applying for any visas and medical certificate that are required to commence employment. You should only resign from your current employment once you have been given a confirmed starting date from Seabourn.

Apart from passing the selection interview, what do I need before joining a ship?

During the interview process you will be informed of what certification, medical and other documentation will be required prior to joining a Seabourn ship. The cost of an American C1/D visa and local visa (if required) will be reimbursed to you upon joining a ship, however, the seafarers medical will be at the candidates your own expense. All non-native English speakers will also be required to undertake a Marlin's English-speaking test. Full details will be provided to you by our onboarding team. 

Who will my employer be?

You will be employed by Seabourn Cruise Line Ltd, based in Bermuda. Once you have your joining papers, your contract will be issued to you.

How will I get paid?

You will be paid on board your vessel on a monthly basis, having money sent home to your bank account. You will also be able to send home additional amounts, for a small admin fee per transaction. In addition, you can receive money on your ship. Your monthly pay on board will include your basic pay plus any vacation/leave pay. Your leave pay will be consolidated per month worked on board. Therefore on a standard four months on, two months off contract this means that for every two days worked you receive one day’s leave and leave pay.

What currency will I get paid in?

We pay either Euros, US Dollars or British Pounds, and the decision is based on the country that you reside in.

How will I get to the vessel?

The company arranges and pays for all your travel to and from your vessel, providing all contractual terms are met (for instance, you complete your contract and give correct notice).

How long will I be away?

Our standard contract lengths for entry level positions on board are based on four months on with two months off. However, this can vary according to the itineraries of the vessels and staffing needs. For senior Deck and Technical positions rotation is normally three months on three months off.

Will I work seven days a week?

Yes, everyone works every day on board. There are occasions when working schedules allow breaks in the day to allow for shore leave.

Will I be insured while travelling?

Yes, the company provides full insurance to cover all emergencies, from the time you leave home to the time you return. However, this does not cover your personal belongings. It does include all ‘emergency’ medical treatment and dental work as required. This would also cover hospitalisation, repatriation and also costs for your next of kin to fly out to visit you, if necessary.

Is there medical cover on board?

Yes, our vessels carry one fully qualified doctor and a registered nurse (trained to emergency unit level), who are available for both our guests and crew at all times.

While on board what costs will there be?

All food and accommodation is provided for you. Even the laundry of your uniforms is free. The only cost on board to you is personal expenses, such as drinks in the crew bar, costs when going ashore, purchasing crew telephone cards and use of the internet on board.


Recently it has been brought to our attention that there is a scam in place which is offering employment to potential applicants on behalf of Seabourn Cruise Line or Seabourn Yacht Hotel. These include issuing contracts from an address at 50 - 51 Wells Street, London, W1T 3PP. Prior to joining, applicants are being asked to pay a recruiting fee or a visa application fee to enter the UK . At no point would we ask applicants to wire money via Western Union or any other organisations. Please report any such correspondence to us at Seabourn Careers.

Please note, when applying for a job with Seabourn Cruise Line, a recruiting fee is not required. All offers of employment will come from Seabourn Cruise Line. If an agency or individual requests such fees, they are not affiliated to Seabourn and should immediately be reported to us at the following email address careers@seabourn.co.uk

No offer of employment will be made to an applicant without an interview with representatives from Seabourn Cruise Line.