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2nd Engineer

APPLY NOW (You will be directed to email your CV to our Seabourn Recruiters.)

The second Engineer is responsible for maintenance of the following equipment: Auxiliary boilers and exhaust gas economizers with all systems, machinery and equipment belonging to boilers and steam systems, including, condensate systems, and feed water system including treatment and testing of boiler water and testing of Diesel Generator cooling water. Fresh water generator and all systems, machinery and equipment, belonging to the plants. Reverse Osmosis plants with all systems, machinery and equipment, belonging to these plants. Including record keeping. Make monthly “Status report” on Fresh Water Generators and Auxiliary Boilers. (Temperature, Pressure, Etc) Make monthly “Status report” on Reverse Osmosis plant. (Temperature, Pressure, Etc)

Responsible for AMOS maintenance of above listed equipment. Assist Electrical Department with the upkeep of Automation for the above listed equipment. When reporting on duty the engineer shall familiarize himself with the status of all machinery and equipment in engine spaces. If any condition occur that can threaten the safety or operation of the vessel. Notify the Chief Engineer promptly. Follow up spare part inventory for area of responsibility and carry out physical sport check in store room in co-operation with Storekeeper to give Senior management complete overview and control of our inventory at all times.

Write weekly report, and forward to Chief Engineer. Write handover report before singing of for your reliever. Report to be signed by Chief Engineer. Update Oil Record Book if Bilge or Sludge transferring has been carried out during his watch. He shall pay extra attention to all activities and conditions that can cause operational disturbances or safety hazards, and act accordingly. This including refilling of fuel oil service and settings tanks if necessary.

Be familiar with Seabourn Health, Environmental, Safety and Security Policy and SMS 2008, and carry out the policies and procedures as appropriate to their position (Also his responsibilities in the Safety organization according to the Emergency plan and station bill).

Responsible for ensuring that personnel under his supervision are aware of a Seabourn Health, Environmental, Safety and Security Policy and the SMS.