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To apply for any role please send your CV, in English to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

You’ll also find links to our corporate website throughout this site, and notably on the ‘Discover Careers’ employment page, where all our job vacancies can be seen. After each job, you will find a link to an online application form. Please complete and submit this in English, together with (where possible), an attached, updated CV/résumé.
Due to international statutory maritime law, for safety reasons the common language spoken by all who work on board our vessels is English. To comply with our safety requirements, everyone who works on our ships must speak English fluently.
We travel on a regular basis to various European locations to meet pre-screened, invited applicants. If a meeting is not possible then we will contact you directly. 
We will try and invite you to a suitable location as close as possible to where you currently live or consider other ways to meet you, perhaps via Skype.
Where possible, we ask everyone to come to a presentation and interview session, usually for a start time of 9.30 a.m. or call you or link with you on Skype. If we want you we will get hold of you. After a presentation explaining the company, our general terms of employment and what to expect as an employee, we then conduct personal interviews on a one-to-one basis or via Skype. While we always try to allocate times according to distance travelled, we recommend you set aside a full day to attend and allow time for travel, depending on your location.
No, unfortunately we do not. However, our recruiters travel to a wide variety of global locations in order to hold interviews as close as possible to our candidates or consider other ways to link with you.
Due to travel and statutory international safety maritime requirements, everyone working on board our ships would need the following before joining: A valid seaman’s US C1/D visa (for all). As all our ships go to the US at some time, it is compulsory that you have, this visa, which is often issued for five years or more and applicable for multiple entries to the US. The cost varies according to rates of local exchange, but is approximately equal to USD$100. Candidates pay for their first visa and the company will then pay for each renewal. A valid seaman’s medical certificate (for all). You will need to pass a basic seafarer’s medical examination. These vary according to your location and there are several forms of examinations available. The actual requirement is dictated by the ship’s flag. All our ships are flagged in the Bahamas, and as such we require any Maritime approved Medical certificate which is clearly identified as a Seafarers Medical and complies to ILO / WHO regulations.  Full details and available doctors can be obtained from our recruiters at Viking Recruitment Limited. The costs for a certificate vary, but are re imbursed (refunded) by the company. We ask that everyone pays direct, obtains a receipt and claims the money back on joining their ship. The company is unable to pay for travel to obtain a certificate. Other visas (for certain nationalities only). Our vessels travel to many exciting worldwide locations. For the most part, no other visas are needed, but there are some exceptions for certain nationalities. For example, all non EEC nationals may require a Schengen visa and possibly a UK transit visa. Whatever your nationality, you will be advised accordingly and again cost varies according to your rate of local exchange and the type of visa you require.
No, but once you are a confirmed joiner, we will start the process of applying for a Seaman’s Book for you. Why? Well, a Seaman’s Book is like a passport which confirms your status as a seafarer. This often helps you (and us) with your travel around the world. While this can often aid travel by giving you priority, it also helps avoid the need to obtain working visas in certain regions that our vessels visit. Because the Seaman’s Book is a personal document that will belong to you, the cost of approx UK£35 (depending on currency conversion rates) will be charged to you shortly after joining.
Shortly after your interview, you will be advised if you have been successful or not. If you are, you will be sent instructions to start applying for any visas or medical certificates that you may need. This starts the process of getting you ready for travelling and working with us. Shortly after this (depending on your visas and medical certificates coming through) you will be advised of your actual starting date. You should only resign from your current employment once you have been given a start date.
You will be employed on an off-shore basis via a company called Seabourn Cruise Line Ltd, based in Bermuda. Once you have your joining papers, your contract will be issued to you.
You will be paid on board your vessel on a monthly basis. The company (upon your instruction of the amount) will send money home to your bank account, if required, free of charge, once a month. You will also be able to send home additional amounts, for a small admin fee per transaction. In addition, you can receive money on your ship. Your monthly pay on board will include your basic pay plus any vacation/leave pay. Your leave pay will be consolidated per month worked on board, on a four on, two off basis (this means that for every two days worked you receive one day’s leave and leave pay).
We pay all our service staff in Euros. However, employees from some Asian countries will receive their wages in USD$.
The company arranges and pays for all your travel to and from your vessel, providing all contractual terms are met (for instance, you complete your contract and give correct notice). Please see your terms and conditions of employment for further details.
Our standard contract lengths for entry level positions on board are based on four months on with two months off. However, this can vary according to the itineraries of the vessels and staffing needs. For senior M&T positions 3:3 or 1:1 rotas are available.
Yes, everyone works every day on board. There are occasions when working schedules allow breaks in the day to allow for shore leave and a chance to explore the location your ship is in. That’s why we then give you leave.
Yes, the company provides full insurance to cover all emergencies, from the time you leave home to the time you return. However, this does not cover your personal belongings. It does include all 'emergency' medical treatment and dental work as required. This would also cover hospitalisation, repatriation and also costs for your next of kin to fly out to visit you, if necessary.
Yes, our vessels carry one fully qualified doctor and a registered nurse (trained to emergency unit level), who are available for both our guests and crew at all times.
Very few. All food and accommodation is provided. Even the laundry of your uniforms is free. Where crew laundry facilities are available for crew use, there can be a small charge via the ship’s main laundry (if used), however on our smaller vessels where a crew laundry is not provided, you can have personal items laundered for free. The only cost on board to you is for drinks in the crew bar, costs when going ashore and internet use on board (at reduced crew rate tariffs).